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Monday - Friday 10:00 - 22:00 Bangalore | Mumbai | Dubai (+91) 080 4300 9188

Liquidity Hub Connect

Connect & Generate Liquidity For Order Book

Advance & Reliable Solution To Generate Liquidity

Our Liquidity Hub Connect allows Exchange’s to connect and generate liquidity for your exchange with one or more external exchanges. It allows exchange to duplicates orders from your choice of leading exchanges to the customer’s own exchange. Our fully supporting matching engine enables exchanges to have a fully-populated, live, and dynamic order book across a variety of digital asset markets on day one of operations.


Exchange’s may likewise use engine to new currencies using DigiXHub FX exchange rate calculator, in which case the engine applies the FX rate to the fiat side so exchange’s may remarket, e.g. BTC/USD to BTC/Your_Fiat, or BTC/ETH to ETH/Your-Fiat. This is one of our most popular services in production today.

Variety of Products

Our experienced team have designed the engine for exchange’s to allow them benefit from the variety of products to be added in the full suite of services and enable it to be used for multiple-asset class. It allows the exchanges to customize and control the engine with its set rules with complete efficiency & capability.


Our engine is been designed with complete logging and auditing capabilities to show detailed sequence of events for all user activity and Liquidity Hub Connect actions. Our algorithm ensures exchange’s do not have missing legs on routed orders using Liquidity Hub Connect. If a third party exchange experiences outages, exchange’s are alerted immediately and the engine is paused.

How it works

Our Liquidity Hub Connect is an ultimate advanced-featured solution to connect with one or more exchanges to source liquidity and create order book from day one of the exchange. Our engine allows exchanges to configure it for optimum performance and benefit with advance parameters available to customize. Our solution allows exchange to connect and priovide non-USD pairs, using the smart exchange rates configuration to connect and create liquidity easily.

Our Liquidity Hub Connect is compatible with both FIX and non-FIX Providers (JSON, Protobuf protocols), exchanges can connect with Auto-detection and reporting with comprehensive log.

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