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Multi-Asset Trading Platform

At DigiXHub we build advance multi-asset trading platform for buy and sell side trading firm capable to support almost all markets and significantly save on development cost by leveraging our world-renowned, extensive, and cutting-edge services.

EMBARK ON YOUR Multi-Asset Trading Platform JOURNEY WITH US

Custom development of trading platform is a great way for trading firms looking to assert their presence, or for new ventures looking to make their mark.

At DigiXHub, we offer fully customizable, flexible, scalable, and secure platforms for all forms of digital assets. Our multi-asset trading platform are holistic and the key to setting in motion a successful exchange platform.  

Joining hands with us, you benefit from our advanced solutions, modular design, and customization options so that you get to enjoy success at major markets with proven technology stack. Additionally, our digital multi-asset trading platform solution offer multi-asset trading environment that provides excellent trade-ready functionality. 


Your Idea Matters To Us


Your Idea Matters To Us

We believe your preferences no matter how odd it might seem because odd preferences are just out of the box ideas.

We Put Our Best Foot Forward


We Put Our Best Foot Forward

We do our best to finish the project with perfection in the quickest possible time.

We Turn Your Idea Into Reality


We turn your idea into reality

Our experts cluster together and work on your idea, turning it into a quality deliverable that meet your every requirement.

Building The Pillars of Modern Trading Platform

We build, customize and integrate a wide range of markets on our trading software that caters for the needs of traders, asset managers, stock exchanges, brokerages, investment agencies, buy-side firms, trust funds, financial intermediary and banks.

Our team can help you with implementation of – Exchange Connectors, Trading Execution Middle-ware, Trading Algorithms, Market Data Storage, and Risk Management system custom build based on your requirements.

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Our in-house team of experienced developers are able to oversee the entire lifecycle of your project.

Intelligent Rule Engine

Our digital asset exchange software solutions collect raw data from multiple internal sources and validate it using our reference data and logic rule. 


Trade Any Digital Asset

Almost any digital and physical assets like gold and energy can be implemented on our digital asset platforms. 


Enterprise Matching Engine

Our precision-engineered solutions process around 1 million transactions every second and feature ultra-lean design and advanced risk control features 


Liquidity Hub Connect

Integrated liquidity solutions from leading exchanges make total customization possible to offer personalized services. 


Scalable Architecture

Our multi-layered architecture helps you enjoy complete power over your application, control costs, and manage load balancers. 


Advance Charting Capability

14 different chart types are made available which help render thousands of data points in a matter of seconds using dozens of indicators. 


Advanced Protection

Your funds are kept secure from vulnerabilities by equipping multiple security layers.  


Compliance, Accounting, and Audit

Using effective audit reports with advanced AML, and KYC procedure our solutions tones down compliance risks 


Reports and Analysis

By tracking user activity, and generating reports, you can monitor and stay aware of advanced risks.  


Financial Integrations

Being incorporated with banking and payment rails our digital asset software solutions are compliant with 200+ national currencies. 


Integrated Wallet

We help you seamlessly store and manage your digital assets by equipping our digital asset exchange software with multi-currency wallets. 


Maximum Customization

Our digital asset platforms can be tailored to meet expectations to make possible, simple and user-friendly transactions and also to maximize the market potential. 


Real-Time Server Status

Unwanted downtime is avoided by providing real-time status and keeping your application under control. 


Continuous Updates

The ongoing platform is outfitted with banking connections and other integrations to offer regular support. 


Uptime Guarantee

We promote round-the-clock trading, advanced market settings, and supervision.  

tailor-made trading platform goes further than differentiating your product from competitors

At DigiXHub our years of experience in trading platform development for capital and cryptocurrency markets resulted in perfecting the way we build software. When working with us you can expect Reliable, Stable and scable Platform delivers an efficient, unique and rich multi-asset trading experience to meet all your needs.


We turn your ideas into practical applications that are both reliable and scalable. We use the following process to make sure that your product is developed and tested rapidly, and the maturity occurs at the early stages. Our aim of creating an enterprise digital asset platform has enabled us to come up with tailored solutions that meet the industry requirements.

Platform Ideation

  • Brainstorm idea and business requirements
  • Prioritize use cases in “Fail fast”, “MVP” & “v2.0”
  • Define off chain & on chain business entities
  • Define technical component
  • Roadmap of the product

Team Members

  • Solutions Specialist
  • Technical Lead
  • UX Lead
  • Business Analyst
  • BlockChain Consultant


  • NDA
  • Proposal with Project Summary Document
  • Presentations
  • Use Cases

Visual & Technical Design

  • Create User interface design for each software component
  • Design technical Architecture
  • Identify the level of focus on scalability and Security
  • Document technical GDPR compliance requirement
  • Create sprints and delivery milestones

Team Members

  • Business Analyst
  • Solutions Specialist
  • Technical Lead
  • UX Lead
  • BlockChain Architect
  • Developers


  • Flow diagram
  • System blueprint
  • Block definitions
  • Design assets
  • UI Razor prototype


  • Pre-alpha
  • Alpha
  • Beta
  • Release Candidate
  • Production

Team Members

  • Developers
  • Quality Assurance
  • Team Leads
  • Scrum Master
  • Technical Architect


  • Client Beta Version
  • Admin Beta Version
  • Client and Admin Training
  • Client and Admin Documentation


  • Provisioning
  • Security Implementation
  • Cloud deployment
  • App Store deployment

Team Members

  • DevOps
  • Quality Assurance
  • Delivery Manager


  • Application Release
  • Rollout execution
  • App Store release
  • Play Store release


  • Regular Updates
  • Security Fixes
  • Bug Fixes
  • Backlog prioritization

Team Members

  • Developers
  • Quality Assurance
  • Team Leads
  • Scrum Master
  • Technical Architect


  • Application New Release
  • Deployment of New Release
  • Training and Release Documentation

Looking to Launch Your
Multi Asset Trading Platform

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