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A completely new model for building a successful and scalable application is now evolving as decentralized applications where there is no concept of centralization and as most common model to build an app is based on client and server model which obviously is centralized.

Let’s have a look at three main models and how they differ with each other and why decentralized applications are emerging –

  • Centralized application- This model is most commonly in action and many engineers are building it up and similarly many users are using, it means centralized applications are very much in use as compare to others and in centralized application data is controlled by a single unit (company) like Facebook, Google, Amazon on which you have to trust that it is being used correctly and in your interest.
  • Distributed application– In distributed applications, computation is mainly done by multiple nodes as opposed to a single one like centralized applications. With the help of distributed application, business operations can be handled from any geographical location.
  • Decentralized Application- Decentralized applications are also known as DApps are apps whose server-client model are not centralized and not dependent on any single unit and is run by many users on a decentralized network with trustless protocols, they are designed to keep in mind to not have a single point of failure.

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