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dApp Development

Our expertise in Blockchain Development leverage us to Build top-notch, cost-effective and high-end blockchain based dapp (Decentralized Application) development on leading platforms to strengthen your business operations security.

What are Decentralized Applications (DApp) - The New Decentralized Future

The technology world is one of the most dynamic segments in the currency era. One moment, the world is behind technology and the next moment, suddenly, the technology becomes obsolete. Similar is the case with the app world, too. Numerous tech stacks, frameworks, and languages are available to develop an app but still, developers are not confident about a single framework that can offer the best results. As the world is adjusting to conventional apps, the whole ecosystem is also evolving. dApps or decentralized applications are a novel breed of applications that are not controlled or owned by a single authority, cannot be shut-off or cannot have downtime. DApps started to be recognized in recent years precisely because of the blockchain.

Decentralized applications(dApp) may run on top of other cryptographic systems called Blockchain. Decentralized applications use Smart Contracts to connect to a blockchain, where the backend of the Dapp runs on a popular platform such as Ethereum, Cardano, EOS, Steem, NEO, AION, Hyperledger and Hashgraph.

Designing & Developing Your dApp

When it comes to dApp design, we believe in judging a book by its cover. We create frontends that are simple, intuitive and engaging for optimal user experience. 

Working with final-product functionality in mind, our highly specialized decentralized applications (dApp) developers will bring your dApp to life with reliable, robust code. Incremental quality assurance analysis means that there are no surprises at the end.

Thanks to a growing inventory of open-source and third-party APIs for blockchain development, the dApp development process has become faster and easier than ever.

Advantages of dApp Applications

Inherent Security

Since they typically rely on a blockchain to store any sensitive data, dApps are by their nature able to guard against any intrusion by anyone trying to alter that data to steal money or censor any of the content. This is possible because a blockchain stores information in a way that cannot be changed unless all of its hosts agree that the change is valid since each entry is incorporated into the hashed value of the subsequent entry.

Seamless Integration With Cryptocurrency

Many dApps involve cryptocurrencies; blockchains, the technology that dApps depend on, were introduced by Bitcoins, and cryptocurrency transactions remain the most widespread deployment of the technology. Using cryptocurrencies can stimulate activity on the platform by rewarding content creators, and incentivize certain users for various factors for being involved in the ecosystem.

Resistance To Corporate Intervention

Most traditional applications depend on their developers or some other central authority to facilitate transactions and make decisions about the structure of the platform itself, but dApps operate entirely on their own once set into motion. This means that they are free from any outside influence, whether it’s from the developers, a corporation, or a government.

Novelty And Potential For Innovation

The full potential of dApps has certainly not yet been realized; while these applications’ inherent freedom from outside intervention has made dApps increasingly popular with many of the projects such as cryptocurrencies and also been used to create applications that don’t necessarily require privacy or security, such games and networks to share entertainment content.

What DigiXHub can do for you

Custom dApp Development

With our skilled team of experts, we have successfully catered various industries to develop Dapps keeping their records safe in blockchain across the globe as per their specific needs with maximum customer satisfaction.

dApp Design

The Dapps designed by our professional designers is highly appreciated as they are user-friendly by various industries across the globe. We aim to give a better experience to the customers in the quick span of time with accuracy.

dApp Integration

We believe in integrating highly advanced functionality dApps to the customers through coding as per your specific business needs laid by our professional developers. We offer complete support for dApps integration through our powerful strategies.

dApp Testing

We focus on core testing of dApps through our team of experts before final delivery of any blockchain project to ensure that whether applications are working accurately or not on operating devices like Android, iOS, Windows, etc.

dApp Update Services

For proper functioning of apps, it should be updated timely. We are here to offer you complete updating and migration app services for the smooth operation of your online businesses with a suitable solution as per your requirement.

dApp Porting

We are here to offer you complete support in dApp porting on any operating devices with the reusable code base. We can also port your existing application to any other platform hassle-free as per the customer requirement.

Reshape your Business Choosing DIGIXHUB

DigiXHub has been pioneering blockchain development with our team of blockchain developers deliver projects that introduce secure, seamless infrastructure, we build our dApps with a focus to deliver exceptional value and by leveraging the blockchain platform.

Development process for dApp Development

Our expertise in Blockchain Development leverages us to deploy scalable and reliable dApp development. We recommend following a process to test quickly and get product maturity at early stages. With the experience of building an enterprise platform, we have tailored our process to match the ongoing industry changes.

Platform Ideation

  • Brainstorm idea and business requirements
  • Prioritize use cases in “Fail fast”, “MVP” & “v2.0”
  • Define off chain & on chain business entities
  • Define technical component
  • Roadmap of the product

Team Members

  • Solutions Specialist
  • Technical Lead
  • UX Lead
  • Business Analyst
  • BlockChain Consultant


  • NDA
  • Proposal with Project Summary Document
  • Presentations
  • Use Cases

Visual & Technical Design

  • Create User interface design for each software component
  • Design technical Architecture
  • Identify the level of focus on scalability and Security
  • Document technical GDPR compliance requirement
  • Create sprints and delivery milestones

Team Members

  • Business Analyst
  • Solutions Specialist
  • Technical Lead
  • UX Lead
  • BlockChain Architect
  • Developers


  • Flow diagram
  • System blueprint
  • Block definitions
  • Design assets
  • UI Razor prototype


  • Pre-alpha
  • Alpha
  • Beta
  • Release Candidate
  • Production

Team Members

  • Developers
  • Quality Assurance
  • Team Leads
  • Scrum Master
  • Technical Architect


  • Client Beta Version
  • Admin Beta Version
  • Client and Admin Training
  • Client and Admin Documentation


  • Provisioning
  • Security Implementation
  • Cloud deployment
  • App Store deployment

Team Members

  • DevOps
  • Quality Assurance
  • Delivery Manager


  • Application Release
  • Rollout execution
  • App Store release
  • Play Store release


  • Regular Updates
  • Security Fixes
  • Bug Fixes
  • Backlog prioritization

Team Members

  • Developers
  • Quality Assurance
  • Team Leads
  • Scrum Master
  • Technical Architect


  • Application New Release
  • Deployment of New Release
  • Training and Release Documentation
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