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USA | India USA (+1) 786 673 0730 India (+91) 960 6571 002


Smooth execution process, and deep Liquidity for Order Book. Explore new and unique ways of enhancing and increasing volumes on your cryptocurrency exchange within the shortest time possible. Empower your business, gain access to all liquidity venues with depths of liquidity, complete professional support, and levels of transparency.


At DigiXHub, we enable our clients to enjoy the utmost happiness with our cryptocurrency liquidity hub connect features. When you are a business starting up in the cryptocurrency exchange business, white space at the spot of your order book can prove to be a huge setback. It can even drive your potential customers away.  

If you are struggling to find ways to generate liquidity for your cryptocurrency exchange business, we can lend you a helping hand as your cryptocurrency liquidity provider. We help you expand your market and attract potential clients by connecting you with multiple exchanges that come together to generate liquidity for your exchange through our API and FIX API.


Our Cryptocurrency liquidity Hub Connect is simply a market-making algorithm that acts as a bridge between your exchange platform and other exchange platforms to bring liquidity to your order book. Our Market Making Algorithm allows exchanges by connecting to and aggregating market depths and execution of well-established crypto exchanges. We make this possible through years of experience, and most importantly using our API and FIX API. APIs are typically meant to offer liquidity to order books. Nevertheless, with the right experience and skill, it can also be used to put together a price feed.

And, guess what? We have the experience and skill to do it for you. To us, it is a simple enough process that could bring in a lot of value for your business. Our Cryptocurrency liquidity Hub Connect solution meets the industry standards and efficiently send trades out of the system. Exchanges, around the world, trust us to deliver seamless execution in the major cryptocurrencies and fiat currency pairs.


All the flexibility you can ever wish for in a cryptocurrency liquidity provider


One of our best and most demanded services include the CROSS-FX. Exchanges can make use of our engine to fetch real-time FX Exchange Rate. BTC/USD, BTC/ETH, or BTC/Your Fiat display it all on your exchange platform.


Multi Asset Engine

We have designed our algorithm in a way that it aids your exchange platform to connect with multiple sources. Through this feature, you can multiple-asset classes that can be configured and added to the platform.



Right from our advent, reliability has been one of our top features. We focus on reliability by equipping it with auditing and logging capabilities. We ensure zero missing legs on routed orders through an elaborate sequence of events.


Price Markups

We provide you with the ability to set pricing markups. You might probably know how powerful of a resource pricing markup actually is. It immediately starts creating possibilities right after its installation so that brokers can enjoy an extra source of revenue.


Risk Management Tools

We deliver multiple benefits to our clients making us the prime broker for trading platforms and various organizations. This includes exposure to different order books, the ability to route orders, report abilities, and more.


High Frequency Execution

In the digital fiscal world, high frequency matters the most. Our engine is made to work as precisely as possible. Our Cryptocurrency liquidity hub connects processes more than thousand trades every second. 


From day one of starting your exchange, we help you with a liquid order book through our advanced liquidity hub connect feature using our marketing making algorithms. Through customized features and advanced parameters, we ensure optimum performance. We seamlessly create liquidity for your exchange platform leveraging smart exchange rates configuration and non-USD pairs. 

Our liquidity hub connect is compatible with both non-FIX (JASON, Protobuf, protocols) and FIX providers. Additionally, exchange platforms can auto-detect and report using comprehensive logs. 

Start and Grow Your Cryptocurrency
Exchange with DigiXHub's Innovative

Our system is configured to match the best of our
large pool of liquidity providers allows us to fill orders quickly.
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