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Decentralized MLM on Ethereum Blockchain

Smart Contract-Based MLM’s are Decentralized MLM that is deployed on the Ethereum blockchain. Since Ethereum is open source it gives open access for developers to leverage its smart contract technology and customize it for developing custom dApps. The Ethereum smart contracts deployed for dApp to create an MLM network will carry out all the processes of an MLM Platform from registration, rewards, matrix table execution to the payment process.

Elevates Your MLM Business with decentralized smart contract on Ethereum Blockchain

Blockchain with its foundational technology has provided advantages – Decentralization, Immutability, Security, and Transparency and this created revamp for all industries leading to new opportunities for any domain. Blockchain has been leading the edge in recent days with its nature and leading the edge to create a shift in direction for major industries, online applications, digital projects, startups, and enterprises.

Today’s digital era requires information to be available more quickly and easily, along with greater transparency, this could be achieved successfully with Blockchain Technology. The Ethereum network is one of the largest and most used blockchain networks, it represents a great place to develop your blockchain products. Transforming MLM business into a decentralized ecosystem, using smart contracts on Ethereum will help to foster greater efficiency among complex business statuses and interactions.

Solving the Problem of Traditional MLM


MLM projects are built on trust and usually face challenges and usually rejections to build their teams.


The conventional MLM model fails to provide a transparent on multiple important factors such as information and transactions between the users.

Mutable Business Logic

The Conventional MLM business fails majorly due to the possibilities of inconsistent and alterable business logic due to the control over the source code which usually leads to losing earning for the users.

Delayed transactions

Transactions, when compared to the human-driven system or settlements based on time create a slow and lack of in the execution of the compensation for the users.

Multi-Level Marketing

Boost Earning Opportunities

Multi-level Marketing, popularly known as Referral Marketing or Network Marketing, has been a cornerstone incentivizing users to earn money through their various programs. Companies involving in offering MLM platform to users incentivize their users for referring them to their friends, family, or anyone in the network, this creates an opportunity for the company to involve users around the world with a common interest to benefit the company and subsequently earn money from various opportunities offered in the MLM programs.

DigiXHub is involved in the development of Decentralized MLM commonly know as dApp for Multi-level Marketing with its experience in blockchain development and creating smart contracts for various dApp projects.

Harness the Power of Ethereum Smart Contract for Decentralized MLM


Powerful crypto trading platform for those who mean business. The crypto trading experience, tailor-made for Mobile – Android & iOS.

Trustless Operations

Seamless integration API is designed to provide an easy and efficient way to integrate your mobile application with our platform.

Data Accuracy

Integrated with advanced financial visualization by trading view with the ease of use for an enhanced user experience.


Get the power of web on your palm with complete capabilities to execute all advanced order types available unified across on all platforms.

Cost-Effective Transactions

Collect and Analyze Advance logs to get real-time analytics for request/response of your applications critical information and server


Monitor and watch markets activity from all devices to create an enhanced user experience for all your customers and compete against the competition.


Decentralization at its core brings capable solutions to the pain points that can create the best of MLM projects

Intuitive UI/UX

Our user-friendly interface help handling multiple transactions possible. Furthermore, you will fall in love with real-time trading functionality. 

Liquidity Management

Our  exchange software solutions feature a liquid order book from day 1 that can easily be tracked.  

Asset Management

Every module in our crypto exchange software solutions are developed in a way that it abolishes the need for you to be technically proficient about the development process. 

Mobile Apps

The immaculate web app also comes with a sleek and elegant mobile app which enable the users to buy, sell, or trade cryptocurrencies as well as tokens efficiently. 

Risk Management

Security means the world to us. Thus, we employ every possible security solution to make sure that your crypto exchange software is safe as houses. 

Admin UI

A data-rich and advanced admin panel is a must when it comes to managing your cryptocurrency exchange software end-to-end. 

Integration – Cloud, Self-Hosting

The crypto exchange software is accurately integrated with KYC and supports self-hosting which help reduce the time required for verification. 


The best benefit of crypto exchange software is that it can be marketed after easily being re-branded so that every aspect aligns with your brand image. 

Hot & Cold Wallets

Our crypto exchange software also features both hot and cold wallets where all the cryptocurrencies and tokens can be stored and managed effectively. 


Our solutions are for everyone who believes in the crypto world and blockchain technology. By helping you build crypto exchange software solutions, we plan to bring a revolution in the world. Our global team of developers, subject matter experts, and advisors leverage their experience and domain knowledge to build an immaculate cryptocurrency exchange software. We ensure that every line of the code, every pixel in the design, and every layer in the security stack is top-notch.


We go beyond limits to turn your ideas into effective deliverables that are both scalable and reliable. We leverage our experience in the industry and follow a specially designed development process. Our tailored process meets with the industry standards and also help you achieve your business goals fast.

Platform Ideation

  • Brainstorm idea and business requirements
  • Prioritize use cases in “Fail fast”, “MVP” & “v2.0”
  • Define off chain & on chain business entities
  • Define technical component
  • Roadmap of the product

Team Members

  • Solutions Specialist
  • Technical Lead
  • UX Lead
  • Business Analyst
  • BlockChain Consultant


  • NDA
  • Proposal with Project Summary Document
  • Presentations
  • Use Cases

Visual & Technical Design

  • Create User interface design for each software component
  • Design technical Architecture
  • Identify the level of focus on scalability and Security
  • Document technical GDPR compliance requirement
  • Create sprints and delivery milestones

Team Members

  • Business Analyst
  • Solutions Specialist
  • Technical Lead
  • UX Lead
  • BlockChain Architect
  • Developers


  • Flow diagram
  • System blueprint
  • Block definitions
  • Design assets
  • UI Razor prototype


  • Pre-alpha
  • Alpha
  • Beta
  • Release Candidate
  • Production

Team Members

  • Developers
  • Quality Assurance
  • Team Leads
  • Scrum Master
  • Technical Architect


  • Client Beta Version
  • Admin Beta Version
  • Client and Admin Training
  • Client and Admin Documentation


  • Provisioning
  • Security Implementation
  • Cloud deployment
  • App Store deployment

Team Members

  • DevOps
  • Quality Assurance
  • Delivery Manager


  • Application Release
  • Rollout execution
  • App Store release
  • Play Store release


  • Regular Updates
  • Security Fixes
  • Bug Fixes
  • Backlog prioritization

Team Members

  • Developers
  • Quality Assurance
  • Team Leads
  • Scrum Master
  • Technical Architect


  • Application New Release
  • Deployment of New Release
  • Training and Release Documentation
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At DigiXHub we makes it easy for you to launch your own
white label cryptocurrency exchange delivering a highly
secure & scalable solution that allows high frequency trading
of cryptocurrencies, and other digital assets.
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