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industries that need a better website

If you’re a business owner thinking about getting a website built, we can help you save time. You need a good and professionally designed website. This will lead to sales-increasing, lead attracting & brand differentiating one at that. So, here are the 8 industries that need a better website. 

Why Your Business Needs A Website?

Though it might come out to be unbelievable. Do you know there still are businesses who don’t have a website. Their common reasons include the following: 

  • They are local business who don’t want to market to a global audience. 
  • They don’t think the internet is vital for their success. 
  • They think they will have to put too much time and effort to get a website built. 
  • They believe website development company services are costly. 


But, here are the reasons why having a website is important regardless of your industry. 

  • Over 30% of consumers won’t consider a business without a website. 
  • Websites are the major medium of engagement between customers and businesses. 
  • 97% of consumers go online to find and research local businesses. 
  • Commercial transactions in almost every industry are influenced by website content. 
  • 75% of people judge a company’s credibility based on the company’s website design. 
  • Websites help reach a wider audience base as social media reach is diminishing. 

The points listed above might have given you a fair idea of  how can website help small businesses. So, put your preconceptions aside and get your website built now if you fall into one of these categories. 

1. Legal Practitioners

Lawyers, here is why you need a website . 

People don’t require legal services on a daily basis. So, as a lawyer, you would want people to reach out to you whenever they are in distress, right? 

However, you need to give them reasons to trust you. So that they can do business with you. Can you achieve this through a single phone call?  

Build your website and sprinkle it with your skills. Don’t forget to add client feedbacks, specialty, and qualifications. Give your audience enough reasons to feel safe in your hands. 

This makes legal practitioners the first among the top industries that need a better website.

2. Niche Businesses

Do you own a unique business?


If yes, you know you have a narrow client base who would be looking for your product/services. So, why restrict your growth by not marketing to wider audience? 


Here are the many reasons why your business needs a website. 


Thanks to the internet. Because you can reach out to people all around the world. Additionally, shipping to other countries has also become easier with all the new technological innovations.   

As a matter of fact, people who are interested in niche objects know quite a lot about the market. Thus you should be able to provide extensive information in order to impress them. And, there is no better solution than putting forward a website . A website with all the information at your potential customers’ disposal.  

Whether it is fast food, Google searches, or online purchases, consumers including niche clients are in search of fast services. So, if you fail to offer fast purchase options, they will leave you. Also, they will move  on to your competitors.


3. The Health Industry

Here is why the health industry is one of the industries that need a better website. 

If you are a medical professional passionate, supports your community, a website will serve your purpose. And put you in contact with the entire neighborhood 

People search for medical assistance during an instance when there is an emergency. So, if you want to grow your business, you should consider the fact that your future patients will be people who grab their smartphones to find the best health expert around. 


Do you have a website that will show them you are their right option?


4. Real Estate Industry

Still wondering why having a website is important?  

While Yellow Pages used to reign the real estate industry. Presently people are turning to search engines to find their new digs. Though the referral system still works for some contractors. But it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put some effort into getting your own website built.

For instance, if I live Colorado and I am in need of a contractor, I will type ‘Colorado Contractor’ or ‘Colorado House Remodeling’ into Google. Thus, if your company’s website doesn’t show on the first page of SERP, it’s likely that no one is going to find you.

On the other hand, if you still happen to show up on the first page of Google, your website looks strictly clumsy and unprofessional then I will happily move onto your competitors. Like most homeowners, even I will think to myself: “Why should I choose a contractor to work on my house if they can’t pay attention to their website?”

5. The Food Industry

Here are the top reasons why your business needs a website. 

If I haven’t heard about your business on Google, the chances are I will never taste the food you serve in your restaurant. Getting featured on tourism and restaurant blogs aren’t enough to attract potential customers. If people can’t find your website on the Google search list then you are in loss.

People wouldn’t risk driving to your restaurant to end up finding it closed. They would prefer searching for another business instead. You are then losing clients.

Though the food you serve is your primary marketing tool.  You shouldn’t simply ignore the requirements put forward by the digital age. Appear on the map so that more people can enjoy your delicacies.  

So now you are in a industry that need a better website, why not take a look at our digital marketing company in India


Also, go mobile at the earliest!

Studies have found that i2019, 51.5% of all traffic worldwide was conducted on mobile phone devices.

Most of the restaurant searches happen through smartphones. And it gets even better if you can put a ‘click to call’ option. This allows people to contact you immediately.

Keep in mind that marketing is about fulfilling your audience’s needs and engaging with them. So, not launching a website can cost you quite a fortune.

6. News & Magazines

Yes, you saw that right. News and magazines are one type of industries that need a website.

Unlike any other industry, News and Magazines rock a different sales model. When you are selling content, you can’t simply get away with using parallax designs where people have to spend time on each page. Instead, try giving them plenty of content options that will catch their eye. 

If you have noticed news sites online, you would have found their website lined with a mix of headlines, breaking news alerts, and visual call to actions. This kind of approach helps them provide an open choice-focused user experience to their wide audience base.

7. Small Businesses

Here’s the answer to your question – are websites important for businesses

Being a small business, we know you are dealing with a limited budget. However, by not showcasing your business online, you are restraining your profit. Often, the thought that their business is too small to matter online make the small businesses owners from establishing their presence online. However, what if the services you offer are exactly what your potential customers are searching for.

Will you be available for their perusal online?

Additionally, a website has also become a way of inspecting the authenticity of a business. Thus, if people can’t find your business online, they will most definitely doubt trustworthiness. Are you in the right position to drive potential customers away even before meeting them?

8. Service Providers

You are among the industries that need a better website. 

Telephone directories are too old school.

As January 2020, around 4.54 billion people are active internet users which comprise around 59% of the global population.

How will they find out about your business, if you aren’t listed on the internet?

You are also competing against other businesses in your industry.  So, you can beat them in the online world with a few tools as listed below. 

  • Launch a website that will immediately help them know you are located the closest to them. 
  • Build trust using online reviews and ratings. 
  • Clearly mention in your website what makes you stand out from your competitors. 

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